Online Radio Heliophysics Catch-up – 10-13 May 2021

Due to pandemic situation with COVID-19 larger gatherings are still very much discouraged (or not possible) and recommended to be moved to online meetings.

The radio heliophysics catch-up meeting aims to gather online a worldwide community from wide radio heliophysics domains and make a room for light, informal meeting where scientific and technical discussions can take place together with an updates on activities and progress made by individual groups around the world.

This can cover work from relevant COSPAR ISWAT teams (see: as well as those just working within our community.  The meeting will address the variety of topics including: IPS data analyses, their assimilation in 3-D Heliospheric tomographic and MHD models, Heliospheric Faraday rotation (FR) investigations, ionospheric scintillation studies, and act as a follow-up for current and upcoming space missions like Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter.  The planned four-day virtual meeting on Zoom will give opportunity to establish closer working relations and share experience across different methods of radio data analysis as well as better plan and coordinate our fit into the COSPAR ISWAT structure.

The meeting will be held 10-13 May 2021 (across four days), and the core sessions each day will be three hours in duration running 13:00UT-16:00UT where additional discussion sessions are held earlier and later on some of the days as needed during the meeting.  The meeting is aimed to take on the flavour of an informal workshop with plenty of time for discussion, hands-on collaborations, and planning going forward.


Program of the meeting




Online Organising Committee (OOC):

Mario M. Bisi, UKRI STFC RAL Space
Barbara Matyjasiak, CBK PAN
Richard Fallows, ASTRON
Hanna Rothkaehl, CBK PAN

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